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 in response to helpinghands...   

I do pray that one day I'll sign onto aidpage and there will be the answer.  I'm not going to give up and you shouldn't either.  Its hard for alot of people to understand dental problems.  Alot of them think we should have done something before our mouths got so bad.  Unfortunately when you dont have alot of money or no money - it isnt that easy.  Dental programs are great but they do cost.  You know I would clean the dental office for them if they would just offer some kind of service.  I'd even have a tooth pulled a week (whats left of them) if they'd let me work it off.  There's so many ways that Dentist can help and let us pay like they did in the olden days like bringing fresh garden vegetables to them.

None of us really want anything for free, its just that we dont have the actual cash to pay for it.  We do have other abilities though.  I wish you the best in finding help and I do think AidPage is the best thing thats happened to the internet. There are alot of folks out there needing help and alot of times people will post different phone numbers for different areas of help that you can call.  Just keep checking and one day the right number or answer will be there.  I'm going to keep looking for help myself.

I've joined the AidPage team.  My website is  I've just started it up but if you want to check it out in the next few days - hopefully I will start finding some answers to our questions.

Have a Great Day and Pray


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i really would like to get help for my lady friend she's in a bad situation she lives with a friend and can't find a job beacuse of her bad knee so she can't stand on her feet for a long time and has a cell phone thats turned off because she in a bind right now(so how can she get calls) :(  her friend has lights,rent, and water to pay and rent it self is like 1000$ or so.  also she has pets that were her mother's and she past away some years ago  so that all she has of her late mother but (they need 2 eat too) sooooooo what can be done in this situation i love her alot but i can only do so much my hands are tied
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 in response to helpinghands...   

I would love to know the name of who to contact! I have searched the web for help and Im either looking in the wrong place or there isnt any help out there!!  Also as for dentist   some WILL carry a balance   just start making calls to the offices in your area(especially small offices) and tell them your situation   they can usually work out a payment plan  I have had to do this   also try CareCredit   its a Credit card designed for medical purposes only.

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LC08 Title: Living with a chronic illness barely getting by Please Help - click the link above Thank You
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 in response to desparatedebrh...   

Please donate,I could get something set up where I live at a dental office or theough a city fund to send money to so u know it is legal. I need to eat. i now have lost 70 lps. since I cannot chew. I am on my last leg. If u know how I can help u from Texas let me know. I have no support system. I am all alone. My kids are grown and don't care anymore. That is a big hurt. There has to be an answer....Do people with money read this or dentists or doctors who can HELP US!!!!!!Please!!!!!,  me

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 in response to ANS...   I needed to get rid of my 1992 falling apart Grand Marquis. I heard of a program that took olfer cars in and put them down to save our air....This government offer could be where u are to. Call any government grants tnat have to do with getting rid of your car even if it does not run and thy give u 3000 to the place u get a car 1993 or older and help u find the car. All u have to do is sign a few papers,find the car they will pay for and turn ur car in and drive off in ur new car. The names of this organization is different,but ask any government place. Do not give up. I got my car on the last day!!!!I will go back thru my stuff and find a name that maybe can help. Just get started. Tell them what I told u. Alot of car dealerships know of this....I will write back with more info...This was in Austin Texas
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 in response to Sandav1...   This is me and will be until if ever I can find help. Your letter was right on the mark. We cannot continue to let the dentists treat us as second class citizens because we do not have 50,000 to fix our mouth and that is cheap.I am so scared and sad. I want to fight for the right to decent teeth but do not know where to start. Without teeth and my diabilities I have no way to work. I am in the middle of trying for disability but that is slow also. It is seperate from teeth. I will ck. into medicaid but I do not think I can get it. I need a solution fast. What did I live for and contribute my life to others not to be able to find help for myself now. this is silly but I have not eaten a hamburger in years and I cannot eat out and LORD what if someone spoke to me?????I do not want to feel sorry for myself,I just want a solution,then I can help others.   Thank u for being so kind and
Talk to helpinghands

Hello everyone I need to find out where i can go to get a goverment grant I am legally blind i have rp i live in a old run down trailer house that iv lived in for 17 years i would like to get a grant to buy a better place to live in does any one know who to contact or what to do to get a grant thank yall for your help

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 in response to D's Mom...   

D'Mom I know how you feel you would love to take the phone and sling it out the window. Can you get a small loan to help you with your bills or  maybe someone can give you a personal loan and if you can't do that than maybe you could get someone to watch your son a few hours so you can lay down and take a nap and get your head together and decide on what you want to do about the bills. But most of all take a deep breath say a small pray and know you are not alone in this big old world.

Talk to robinakers

My mind feels so blessed and i'm just don't know how people can just

destory there lives. 

is so many people out in this lonely world they have turn to drugs


They have lost there way home just need someone to talk to who has lost

there jobs they don't know how to ask for help to a shame

to reach out there arms to say that i have falling  down but yet

you have to much pride to say thank-you. 

How can someone help you when you can't help yourself. 


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D's Mom

Just feeling overwhelmed right now...tired of hearing the phone ring from bill collectors. My son is crying no matter what I do which is adding to my stress level and I don't want to be short tempered with him because of the financial pressures now...I would love a nap...It won't solve the money problems but I might feel a bit better.

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 in response to motherof6inaz...   

I know that this is only a temporarily fix, but most places will pay you to give plasma to help others, you might want to check your area. It would be a some money to help and others are helped too.


Talk to dry

I pray God's Blessings on each and everyone of you today! I think this is a wonderful place to come and help bear one anothers burdens.

God Bless


Talk to dry

I was looking for any kind of finacial help for American Indians

Talk to cathy4

Today is not a good day just like they have been for the past month, Life is getting so stressful, and everyday just seems to get harder and harder for me to breath, My husband was laid off last month, he went to see if we could get on family assistance and on unemployment, but the family assistance office told us no we would not qualify cause he had applied for unemployment, all we get in unemployment is $145.00 minus the taxes and child support, he has a 15 yr old daughter from his first marriage. He has put applications for work every where the schools as a janitor, in hotels for maintanace and construcion companies, factory wear houses, fast food places and no one is hiring, we are on a eviction notice, have no family or friends who would or could help us, We have gone to churches and nothing to goverment utillity places they have no funds, we have even thought about the possibility of selling the car, but selling the car, how would he get to work? I have no idea how I will cook once they turn off my electricity, this makes me sad and frustrated not being able to help my husband out, it makes me stress out to see him stress and I know we will soon be homeless and with 6 kids, in the shelters they will separte us, my son and daughter will get us kicked out in a heart beat, one has ADHD & the other has ADD + ODD, Don't know what to do any more. . . .

Talk to motherof6inaz

Okay, I am a bit...a lot computer unsavvy.  I just signed up.  I would like to participate and comment on other members profiles but not sure what to do.  I see that I can comment on comments, is that the way?  I would like to join the aid program to possibly help, not just be helped.  I have a grandson who is growing out of 3ts I can send to someone...good clothes.  I just need a nudge in the correct usage.  Anyone??? 

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 in response to Brighan...   

Ok Thank you!!!!   I will try that

Talk to ANS
 in response to ANS...   

There are many departments in the community action programs.

Call their switchboard for different departments.

In addition, Call the United Way at 211, or call Goodwill because they always have car auctions.

Your local police departments always have auctions to dispose of property, including autos.

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 in response to Brighan...   

Good Idea on selling for scrap.   Thank you!!   tried Googling Community Action Program for my area. I found one link but couldnt find any info on the page as per transportain assistance.  

Talk to ANS
 in response to ANS...   

Try selling your car for scrap and materials and contact your community action program to see if they have the resources to help you buy a new car.

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