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 in response to Tiffany1989Decaturgoddess...   

I'd love to help on the grant issue because I've been checking into the too.   Everyone I've checked so far online has wanted money up front to send me information.   Seems like there should be a way to get the info for free.  So if anyone out there is readiing this please let me know if you know of a way to get the info for free and maybe it would help me and Tiffany.  

Let me know if you have any luck Tiffany

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I am sad in my heart today.  I am in a hole and feel like I can't get out.  God has blessed me the ability to groom animals but I can't find a job that will hire me because I have a service dog.  I would love to be grooming on my own again but I do not have the funds to buy or start up a grooming business.  I feel like there is no hope.  If anyone knows where I can get funding to start my business or grants to help me out of my hole please tell me.

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hey my name is tiffany i am 18 years young and I reside in the decatur georgia area just recently i found out that i could possible be able t recieve a grant but since i have found this out i have not come across any information on obtaining one can some one please reassure me of how i will be able to pull this off please.

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lemon pie

My story is quiet long but i will try my best to give you the short version... I was born in Berlin Germany had a wonderful mother . my father and 2 younger siblings. We had a normal life until my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer... after that my life was never the same , She battled the disease for 2 years and finally lost her life . My dad basically went insane after loosing her and up and moved us to the United States, there he started doing strange things and even turning to criminal acts. He got re-married after we only met our step mom to be once. To support his new family of  7 He began stealing and breaking and entering into houses, credit card theft ect. ect. and finally was caugth and thrown in jail . Meanwhile we ( his children ) where left with the unemployed abusive step mother .. did i mention we where illegal in this country since my dad never took care of our paperwork ? So i started working under the table babysitting, housecleaning and after 3 or so  years was finally able to pay a lawyer to fix me up with a greencard. Happy Ending not quiet... after some whirlwind years with my step mother( she for instance send my youngest brother back to germany into a childrens home) and my father he was released out of prison he kindly stole $1700 from me to pay for my Stepmothers free ride to Germany ( he got his free ticket by being deported) and he stole my social security number and caused all sorts of trouble with it , like getting payday loans in my name and opening a credit card. My father has made my life a living hell and I have struggeld to make ends meet, I'am so far in debt thanxs to him , I'm still paying my immigration lawyer, i have to pay off the debt he helped create . I have had my greencard for two years now and have been working legally ever since as a nanny here in california. I love my job and have a stable income but its not enough to make ends meet with all this debt . Last year i lost my appartment because i couldent keep up and i had to live with friends ... I finally found a nice place , renting out a room , the house is close to where i work wich is great because i dont drive .

I'am  struggeling to keep it all together and it is now June and i dont have the $700 rent that I need to have  to keep this room. My landlord is giving me a week to figure it out ...

If anyone can help me pay my rent i would be so thankful... also i'am looking for a private lender to give me a personal loan of $3000-$5000 i can make payments of $50-$100 each month until the loan is paid back in full. This would help me immensly and prevent me from falling under again . I believe there has to be someone out there willing to help, I'am a hard worker and have been on my own for a long time I'm not asking for freebies, only a helping hand. Please contact me asap if you are able to help in any way at all !!!



Thank  you so much , and god bless


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I pray for each and everyone of you, They say God only dishes out as much as one can take

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 in response to mommy2skie...   

I wish you the best

Talk to Anonymous40784

Hello, fellow mom.  Maybe AmeriPlan can help you save some money on your family's many healthcare costs.  AmeriPlan has a nationwide network of providers and our members get discounted rates. Members can also use our Hospital Advocacy program to negotiate special discounts on hospital stays - even ones from the past if you still owe over $2,500.  All the info is at  Best wishes, Rosie

Talk to Rosie327
Mother of 3 beautiful children

Hello to all and many thanks for your time.  My family (husband, 3 children and myself) are in much need of financial help.  We have fallen behind on our bills, thus do to major medical expenses for our 8 year old son.  It is taking every bit of $$ that we earn to make our mortgage payment (late) keep gas in the vehicle and pay for our sons rx's each month.  These alone after our insurance pays is still over $250.00 per month.  Our son has multiple medical concerns that include Crohns Disease, Asthma, vision loss 20/70 corrected (since birth) Osteo Genesis Imperfecta (age 2) Migraines (age 3), and most recently Complex Reginal Pain Syndrome (age 7) following a left Navicular foot fracture.  All of the listed above require much dedication, chronic care, and a lot of $$.  As you can see this is nothing new, as he has suffered since birth, but all tend take it's toll.  I have contacted gov. agencies to only be turned down.  We fall into a lower middle class income bracket.  Nobody seems to take into consideration the extreme amount of $$ that is going out each month v.s. the amount coming in.  We have always struggled and even had no choice to file for chapter 13 BK then converted to a 7 in the past.  I have thought of doing this again, however fear of losing our home.  It seems that our son's most recent diagnosis has got us in a hole that we can not dig out of.  My telephone is ringing and I'm afraid to answer.  Collection agencies can be so cruel.  I've explained our situation, but they seem to have heard it all and offer no sympathy.  I have never ask for any type of hand-outs, and have always felt that some how some way all will heal.  I have realized this is not the case.  I loose sleep, and I am literally feeling ill.  I'm trying to be strong as much as I can.  I know that my son needs me.  Honestly his smile keeps me going, however I'm not sure how much longer I can front this pain.  If there is anyone out there who can offer assistance to my family, I would be forever greatful.  I know we all have a gaurdian angel, and I also believe that there is an angel in all of us.  Please I beg of you can somebody be ours?? 

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 in response to mommy2skie...   

Now your talking, people love to eat, and love sweets,  and home baked made goodies, you are a amazing person, and you do not give up, which is the quality that will help you get your much needed , and much deserved help.  If this works and it should,, stores, even friends, people throw away bananas , when they start looking to ripe, scoop them up my friend, freeze them, it be very cheap., also zuccinis people throw those away, zuccini, carrot and banana bread are good sellers, if you do the auction thing, make up  a few small plates of cookies in stead of one big one, you will make more money...  also maybe that church you told me about that helped you, tell them your idea, because for one, they see you are more then willing to help yourself, people tend to help people that they are trying, and you oviously are.  Then they could have a BAKE  GOODS AUCTION, at their church, and if they told their congregation, a little about your story, and had the auction,  you might surprized they may even want to get in their and bake some things, and donate them to your aucton, wouldn't surprize me in the lieast.  You will be shocked at the money that can come in..  Honestly awhile back at my church, which isn't large, but some people have money there, I would be  not  be one of them, but my point is they had a baked good auction, for a a few people that were trying to get funds to go to Peru.  My daughter came by and was shocked as well,  the least amount they got for anything was 5.00, and they let that go, because I wanted to help and get something and I haven't got money to spend like they did. They took in over 2,000 dollars in a  about a hour, people were having a ball , they were laughing at each other it was really fun.   outbidding each other trying to get that pie or that  loaf of banana bread, the bids got outrageous, 50 bucks for a  homemade pie, 70 bucks final bid for  some chocolate things.. all things are possible, and I saw it happen.... So my sweet friend,, talk to that church,  you said  it was Hope something,, talk  to them if you like.  and if works, then you can take the extra little money that may be left after you bills,  and get  some more stuff to   to  it again, churches as I said will sooner do that sometimes, because they see you are putting forth the effort. The best to you.   and I  can't wait to hear how it goes for you..

Make it  be the BEST DAY yet for you,  I will be saying a prayer for you....You made my day! thanks

God bless


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 in response to mommy2skie...   



Talk to alexandra
 in response to mommy2skie...   

Girl,I haven't had breakfast yet, you are making me hungry.LOL

I think that is a wonderful idea.

I wish you the best.  I can even 'smell that banana bread'.


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 in response to mommy2skie...   


Please bless this woman with a good paying job so she can help pay the bills.  Amen.

Talk to Anonymous40784

I am a single mom trying to put a good kid thru college and she needs help with money. shes an straight a honor student double majoring and i want to get her some help, i am disabled and i cant help her financially so she has to do it on her won i would love to find someone who needs to find something to donate to and be able to help my daughter get thru 2 more yrs at college , if you or anyone can help please contact me at thanks so much for your time.

Talk to gaitedcj

i have sat hear trying to put a fake smile on my face but things arent getting better. i am in a bad situation and have tried to leave it but cant find a job and have no money i need to get to detroit so i can be safe and help keep my son safe but have no where to go i cry my self to sleep and never thought i would be in so much pain.

Talk to hopefull
Going Crazy

I have never seen the economy so bad as it is today. You walk into a job interview and there is at least 25 people for the same job at 10 appointment.  All young just out of school and in walks in a middle ages woman.  Gee guess who they choose, young people don't expect a large salary , most live at home.

And I live in Miami if you don't speak Spanish you have a double whammy.

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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   

Thanks so very much

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gail needs to talk about abused,abanded,disabled,

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 in response to MustangCella...   

You will. In your own way, in your own time.

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