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I always pray every morning before i start my day and watch joyce meyers and what a blessing she. I am having finaacial problems and lost my husband unexcpectedly in october and tryed to refinance and the guy gave me the run around and i fired him after all this time and now i am in fear of losing my home i have someone else working on refinacning it but meanwhile i have gotten befind on mortgage and he wont give us the fha/hud number to my loan and i pray that i will get a miralcle because i know god will take care if you know or have advise please email me at

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I need help getting a personal grant. If anybody know how please tell me!

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kr family

well that was sure optimistic of me.  i'm still sitting here without water and trying to find a pool or somewhere where i can shower tomorrow for a big job interview.  I have to try to stay focused for this interview because it can really change things...i just hope i can make it that long.

 thanks for reading


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This is a very obstrusive programme...One uploads grant info and gets this hidden email/chat thing, unrequested...This is a scam people.


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kr family

Although I still have tons of problems, I am feeling a little more optimistic today. 

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 in response to Darlene3...   

Dear Darlene3,

Check out and also check with your local community action agency. I think I seen something on the site about grants or lows to help with this situation. Might also try your counties human service agency. might also be another place to try for info. I hoe that this info is very useful to you. God Bless You! God's Helper

Talk to lfahrne

What's on my heart and mind today is disappointment. I sit at this computer for hours and hours day and night doing research to find a mortgage and grants for my low income and bad credit scores due to the fact that I take in homeless people and am disabled myself. My body aches from sitting so long. I still don't find any help for myself. I keep asking God to help me to show me the way. But the way hasn't came yet. I want to and need to get out of this mobile home park so bad.

I want to start planting a garden so that I can help other people with food and can my own food to cut down the expense of buying groceries.

Here is some of my research I hope that it is help to someone. Foreclosure help:  Grant resources and community  grants/  www.hud.gv  apply for grant application http://

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 in response to ryan1...   

Are you have a 501 b or c registered with the IRS as a non-profit (so that people can get their tax credit)?  I know how its supposed to work, you give a person so much, it can count(to the other person-the recievee) as income if its over a certain amount and the giver is supposed to be able to deduct on their taxes.  However, the IRS are giving some people a hard time.  Even those who have given to organizations like churches if that organization is not registered with them as a non-profit.  If you are not registered, call the IRS. Or I think that I might have that soft ware that can assist you.  More people may be willing to donate more if they could claim it as a tax deduction.  I think you have an excellent cause.  We can use all the doctors we can get.  Especially those such as yourself willing to help others.  I certainly do wish you the best.

Talk to Anonymous40784
kr family

I like your attitude.  I am feeling very low and hearing how bad others have it and how they still have hope is making me feel somewhat better.  I don't have water at all.  My kids think it's a water outage so they are not too worried, I am hoping by tomorrow we raise enough to get it back on.  Water, like gas is very expensive in CA.  I'm trying to stay positive, really I am, but I jump everytime the phone rings or someone pulls up (my car is about to be repossessed.)  I just don't know how I got here.  But again, I see hope and I know it won't always be there and just as soon as I am on my feet, I am going to buy one of your photos too, so I can remember how we all need a lift sometime.



Talk to kr family

hey just want to let people know I want to go to medical school and give back.  I was a peace officer and was injured on the job and unfortunately have difficulties standing so I want to go to school.  I am looking for people who would like tax right offs or donate to the cause. I believe in giving back so I plan on giving back to those who dont have insurance and need help.  I have been fortunate in my life and though I am disabled now, I still have opportunity and thats what I call fortunate! So by giving now it will last a life time.  God Bless and thanks

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kr family
 in response to Rosie327...   

thanks rosie we'll check it out.  my biggest worry is running water today, so I have to work on that first.  I have a couple of good things going for me that will help in the future.  I have been interviewing with a company that will pay 25% more than I make now and my final interview is Thursday.  Plus no long commute!  I also have minster credentials so I am going to try an add for marrying people, but thanks for the advice and we'll look into it.

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 in response to kr family...   

I am also a CA resident and I know these are scary financial times.  Maybe you and your partner could start a home-based business?  I have a special needs child and I work from home with Ameriplan (  You can work whatever business you choose around your family's schedule and in addition to the income you also get tax benefits for operating a home-based business.  And when you work from home you can't beat the commute, LOL!  I investigated several companies and this one is the best fit for me - do your research.  Let me know if you have any questions about the company!  Best wishes, Rosie

Talk to Rosie327
kr family

Wow, I've never felt like I've been on worse times.  The cost of gas in CA has caused me to not pay bills and they've all stockpiled so to get one caught up has caused others to get bigger.  i work very hard and I never thought I would be here.  My rent is past due, my water was turned off today and they want to repossess my car.  I am looking for a new job as I just cannot afford to drive so far to my job of 18 years.  My partner and I have adopted 3 children (they were our foster children) and I am feeling like I have let everyone down.  Two of my children are considered special needs so my partner is a stay at home parent.  Daycare for special needs children would offset any pay he would make.   My parents are deceased and I don't feel like I have anywhere to go.  I need the obvious help to get caught up and keep a roof over my head, but more so I need some help in managing money I don't seem to know what I am doing and for the first time in my life I am terrified.  Sorry to dump all of this but I feel like I am at the end of my rope.

Talk to kr family

My wife, grandson and myself are praying for an extra $500.00 before the end of this month. We are trying to move to a safer neighborhood and into a duplex with a back yard for our grandson to play in. Right now we are living in one of the worse areas of sacramento and our grandson being only 8 years old is not safe, we don't feel safe and it's like we are stuck here and can't get out.

We are on SSI due to our health and age so our income is just enough to live on and we still struggle 3 weeks out of the month but we just have to get out of this neighborhood.

Two nights ago there was another gun shot. Just a couple months back their was a gun fight in our parking lot right under our bedroom windows, kids playing outside and broad daylight. Nobody sees anything and the police already know there is rarely a witness. Had it not been for me pointing out a bullet hole in the fence along the driveway they would have just dismissed it as another little incodent in the hood! This is in an area that should be safe and secure. Trussel way between Arden and hurley and watt and morse, 1 block west of watt ave. It is just one street, Trussel way that is the problem area and we happen to live at the worse part of the street, the very end. We have been here going on 5 years and it has steadily gotten worse every year.

If we can come up with $500.00 we can start moving into the duplex on the 20th of this month. We talked to the owner and he wants a deposit before we can move in. We just paid rent here so we cant pay for even partial rent and no deposit untill the 1st of next month. We will then have $1,300.00 from our SSI checks but it will cost us $1700.00 to move in and it will cost about another $100.00 for transfering all our utilitys and phone and for gas to move our things across town.

We would never ask for help but my wife and I are stressed and so tired of the constant worrying and fearing for our grandsons safety. We recently found out that there are three registered sex offenders, child predators living in our neighborhood, even though there are so many kids here.

Please if you feel you can help us we would be ever so greatfull

and if you wish you could but you just cant, bless you also because I know there are many good people that would help us, as we would help others, so bless you also.

Thanks and we except all prayers!


Talk to stimothy
positive thoughts

Hi,  I dont know how the states work.  I went bankrupt personally 2 years ago.  I wish it would not have happened but I didnt have a choice.  I was in the trucking industry and lost a major contract.  I'm now working for minimum wage fulltime as a dispatcher/driver for truck parts.  It is not an easy road for luckily I was able to keep my home but still had to buy it back for 500 bucks.  I now have a mortgage payment of 1,019 a month.  Rebuilding credit is not easy considering only have minimum wage job.  Im from canada  now learned maybe having to find a new mortgage lender for 110000.  please look at your options carefully.  I didnt have any at the time.  I was living off my equity of my home.  Before going bankrupt.  Its difficult

Talk to positive thoughts
positive thoughts
 in response to STACYANN...   

Thankyou Everyday better

Talk to positive thoughts

I am a single mom without any support from their father. I lost my job of 8 years do to company got sold. My house went up for foreclosure. I am scared I will have to take my kids to a hotel and live until i get on my feet. I dont normally ask for help. I just need a break. I am a full time student and trying to find a full time job there is none out there that pays anything. I dont want my kids to worry about where we are going to live. Please help me with suggestions.

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positive thoughts
 in response to gabrmuno...   

Hi, I understand exactly how you feel and what you are going through.

I earned a high income myself and now Im down to minimum wage.

Your family will be in my prayers.  Im sorry I sure wish I could help more. elke

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 in response to whatdoido...   

We joined, here we are able to help ourselves while helping others around the world.In this powermall you can start a Foundation Mall of your own they show you how and all the commission will go to that Organization/Group.

There are over 125,000 members in over 220 countries,now then you take those 125,000 members with everyone here that can join and everyone they know and each just send in $1.00 or more then everyone that comes here for help would get it .

You have a great idea,I will ask my mother in law what I need to do and I will make my Foundation Mall and it will be Dedicated to AidPage

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