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The Wizard
 in response to AfifaJN...   

AfifJN, the usual expectations with ‘Problems addressed’ are problems concerning local society or group of it. The idea is – you are getting funded to do some project that will help in some way part of the population. (It could be your neighborhood, or your city, area etc.)

Also keep in mind that the problems you are addressing should be directly related to the purpose of the program (read Program Objectives, Uses, Program Accomplishments).

If you have other questions or comments related to Federal Money Retriever it will be better if you post them in this group space - Government Grants Support Group.


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I got the Federal Money Retriever and found a couple of things that look good. Can anyone tell me what to put into the "Problems addressed" box? I don't know if they mean problems with the project or problems for the area.

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You are very welcome. 

Also, don't forget to contact the service groups like the DAV, VFW, etc., they may be able to point you in the right direction also.  You do not have to be a member to get assistance.

For grants, other funding check with your local small business adminstration.  They should have a list of Veterans funding sources.

Best wishes

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 in response to CarsonB45...   

Call the Veteran's Administration: 1-800-827-1000 to find out about assistance offered.

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 Please heal this woman & make her whole.  Deliver her from this affliction.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to burn that tumor out of her.  Give her good reports on her medical testing.  Calm her mind & spirit.  Provide for all of her needs.  Amen.


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This is for anyone interested in soy candles. please visit this web site and order candles or other items on this site.  This is my only means of dollars to support my two grand daughters.

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 in response to Tamie2...   

You might try churches.  In my city some of the churches help with bills.

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Hello everyone.  My name is Tonya I am a grandmother raising my grandchildren.  I only receive 336.00 a month for my girls.  I need to know how to go about and where to go to get a grant that is real so that i can start my soy candle business.  I lost my job when i had to take custody of my two older grand daughters.  their parents are to young to raise them.  I also need a grant to get my credit back together so that I can start my business to support my grand daughters and buy a house to raise them in.  At the moment i live in my step dads mother's house and she is very ill.  pretty soon i will not have a place to live.  i also need a good dentist on ohio that will let me pay on a monthly payment plan.  i need my roots covered on about 4 teeth. and i have a broken one too.  i am in college i have to do that online so that i can raise my grand daughters.  I am going through a rough time at the present moment.  if anyone has any information that could help me out i would be very greatful.  God Bless everyone

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 in response to Rosie327...   


         I think that we need to have 6-12 smart business people such as yourself and I and people that can all accountable to each other.

Then we can get this started and incorporate as a non profit if we can get commitments of 1000 - 5000 people and then set up the corporation. Those on the board maybe to pay in 4-5 months up front I would do that so we could get the legal infrastructure in place and go from there and reach out and help some of these people that are on here that need help for a month or two and I don't mean send them money but pay their bills directly, send them a food card and try to help them get back on the right track and ask them then to commit to join, Some where we have to establish faith and trust in others, Reaan always said TRUST but verify and I think that it could spread real fast, we could invest the money to grow more and be there to really help others we can lower the fees there is a lot we could do if we put all of our heads together to do this. And it is just a matter of spreading the word to others. Maybe some can only pay $5.00 others $25.00 when you take in numbers like 50,000 people thats not a lot when you look at our population in america. I do think we can cause a positive effect cause we can't depend on this goverment to ever do anythin for us.

Before my mom passed away she belonged to a similar oranization she started with $5.00 monthly and everytime she went to the doctors or needed to buy medcine and did not have the money and had to pull from another area such as electric or water she would send in her bills and they would send her back receipts of the paid bills it was amazing to me and I have tried to find out about this roup but I understand it was disolved a few years back. And I tougt what a wonderful group to belong and that is what really inspired me to think out side of the box, I hear preachers say send me a dollar a day and when you have 100,000 thousand or 200,000 thousand people sending in $30.00 a month that is a lot of money.

So help me spread the word and lets get some more professionals involved and see what we can do to change our life our futures and our childrens future.


Talk to whatdoido
 in response to whatdoido...   

Sounds like a great idea but I have no idea how to go about it.  I work with an amazing company that is an alternative to traditional insurance.  It's a great opportunity to build something for my future while helping others.  Check it out at, and let me know if you have any questions!  Best wishes, Rosie

Talk to Rosie327

Looking for leaders to step up and ASSIST me in building a 

organization to help take care of OURSELFES Because if we don't

know one else will, We can not depend on our goverment, we can 

not depend on our neibor in this time and date.  The insurance 

companies are a joke ere in america every one has become in 

filiterated with politics. No administration fee's setting up

a Non Profit organization.  If we could get a 1000 people

to send in $100. monthly = $100,000. monthly,  after 3 months we 

could help meet the needs of the members. And I do beleive this

could be the begining of something great for all of us that want to

seperate ourselves from our goverment that does nothing for us

but take and take.  If we could start with a petition and get 100

to sign and set up a NON-PROFIT and put 6-12 signitures on it to

assume some responsibility.  And I think we could do miracles in

our world and the world of all of the members. Please comment 

back I do think that we can make a diffrence.





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 in response to STACYANN...   

How beautiful & inspirational

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How am I Today?
Who what a Simple Question.
Yet it is possible one of the most Difficult one's for People to answer, People ask it everyday, To whom ever crosses there Paths, We ask Our  Children Our Spouses, Our Neighbors Our Friend, The lady at the gas station, The Person at the Grocery store, The Bank Teller, The list goes on,
 But How Often do people really listen How Your Day is,
They want you To ask them so they can tell you. They can't pay there Bills, There losing everything, There Spouse is Cheating on them, There Hair did not come out right. There children are fighting and driving them crazy, They
tell you every single medical Problem they ever had, or think they will have, However I realized Today I ask everyone how there Day is and I Truly listen, To all the pain my husband feels ,how is back hurts from work every day  How Dick is a jerk ,on the job how he does more than everyone and gets paid less, How Michael and his girlfriend are fighting how, Rick was high at work , How is boss was on his butt and nice to everyone but him then turns around and say he his bosses most valuable employee, How he was the man that save the Day buy fixing a bolt on the 32 floor,  I see the scraps he Brings me Home.Then I listen to Each one of my children tell me how there  day, Was, They talk about every kid, every teacher so by the time I done asking how everyone in my Family of six is done, and I have been a Councilor to my husband and given guidance to my children, The Brother in law wants advice, I have listen to everyone day You ask my husband what the children wore to school ask him what the kids did in school he could not answer, So when People ask me how my day is .
it usually a stranger because my husband never ask and I don't expect my children to ask, I realize most people don't care about how your day is because they want sympathy for how bad there Day is because when you maybe see them in a week or to and the same Question comes up always first how was your Day, I just say how was yours?, They tell me the same thing they did when the last time I spoke to them. I realize People
often get stuck in a rut and The more they see the negative the less they see the Good.  There a saying we manifest what our tongues speaks. Yes there are Days I want to scream out all I am Going threw, However is That going to change there life? So I realized no matter what my circumstances are I am Going Change some life yes I Just might because people need to be heard and if I tell them when there done telling me about there life  in a day, I say I have had a great Day I woke Up another Day To watch my children Laugh, To see them grow, To hear the Birds sing, and See a Flower Bloom to know today some is Being Born and someone is going to heaven, I am Having a Great Day, Because I am not going to Heaven today, I may want to complain about how hard things are right now but are they going to remember that or will the Remember To be Happy They are Alive, There is only one that Know how I am doing Today and that most Important because he the only one who help me change it and that is God. He know my needs .,,How I feel ,, So let ask you   How Are You Doing Today???   I will Listen To U, and so Will God. 
 On Angel Wings
 in response to rpnunne...   

I think the best place to answer your question would be here:

California tenant rights 

Talk to Anonymous

Needing help. My husband and I are trying to get moved into a place that is more handicapped friendly but without being able to come up with the security deposit we are stuck in the hole we are living in. I am unsure of what to do, we have run out of things to turn to.

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 in response to Tamie2...   

I'm so sorry for what is going on with you.. I wish I could help but here some advice maybe. I have a friend that was in your situation with a sick child also. If you go to your local social service office and tell them your situation they are supposed to help cause you have a sick child. Also your power company knows that also. If a family member is sick and needs the power to help them, they can not turn off your power. My friend got the social services to help her and her bill was about the same as yours.... Good Luck

Talk to rpnunne

I was wondering do I have to give a thirty day notice if it's not stated in my contract at the rental I live in??? We are being harrased month after month by are rental agency. We just paid are rent for the month of June, when we went to the office to pay the rent they asked if they could have half of the rent for July stating that they needed money, this is a rental agency. We found another place but I was wondering if I have to give a thirty day notice. At the new place they all ready gave us the keys. I'm confused cause I don't want this to go on are record for leaving the place without notice. The only reason I'm asking cause a friend of mine that rented before said that they made her pay for another month when she gave her 30 day notice. If my rent is paid up why would I have to pay for another month?????

Talk to rpnunne

What's on my heart and mind today is to be the person that God has destined for me to be and have patience enough to know that I will never stand alone in the supernatural.   I would love for my daughter to never see me struggling and not have to understand what it's like to be without ever but, just to be able to appreciate.

Talk to BlessedbutLacking

URGENT, PLEASE GOD in HEAVEN Hear My Plee for Help!! I am a mother of Five Children and am on a fixed income and i need help with a down payment of 3000.00 before the Electric Company will be able to enter me into a payment and Budget plan to keep my electric on, I have went to every agency i could for help but Emergency Assistance told me i have to get my bill down to 1800.00 before they can help me with the rest, The bill is so high because i was unaware of an old bill that got transfered to my current account, I was told just this morning that i need to have the money TODAY to keep it on, I will even pay it back in monthly installments if i can only find someone kind enough to help us out!! My 11 year old Son Kyle has been sick with his Asthma and i have been worrying over him night and day and now this, our cooking stove is electric so i wont even be able to cook for my kids and i will lose all the food in the refrigerator and freezer too if i get shut off, and i have no money to replace it, and i will not be able to use our washer and dryer to wash the school clothes for my kids either, PLEASE, PLEASE God i Pray, Send the right person along that can help us ASAP!!!! I can provide any proof that you request and you can even pay it right to Excel Energy, I try to be an Honest person, God knows what i am saying here is the truth!!!!
From the bottom of my Heart i Thank You for reading my PLEE for help!!!!
God Bless,
"Praying For A Miracle"

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When i'll get a scholarship?

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