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DeeDee32   in reply to soulight
HI, Iam having a problem. My family has turned there back on me Iam currently staying with a friend, Im only 18 and in the process . I have came across some problems. I did have a vehicle but didnt know my licenses were suspended due to a ticket in my grandparent car a year ago. I was insured by them but they took me off , now I have court and iam struggle to find insurance and pay court fees. If I dont pay them I will get 10 days in jail I have never been to jail before and I am asking for help nobody around me is helping what can I do?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Laylay123
Hi go sign up for welfare if your kids are 4 and under go sign up for wic. For housing sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county go on line type low income housing county state also sign up for section 8 same as low income housing they go by how much money u got
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Laylay123
The person u posted to not been on here in a very long time now sorry
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Laylay123   in reply to ladytech
yes please, I'm a single mother of 2 and in desperate need of some type of based on income or something that I can afford. Thank you in advance for reading my post.
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jenny2000   in reply to Anonymous
I got notice to move on SSI my family I trying to get my son home I need to stay close to family in queen Anne's md but don't want to live in county not past hr will take around area even delware I can't afford over $609 dss spoke with navgater my mom buy food for her cats and dogs cause she can't take. Care off I looking for 3 br that allows pets I even have advoCacy people trying to help I have bad background I do better in country systle liveing I have hard time likeing and getting along I have no credit or lot red help its not got to do with oweing rent I have to neo it April unless take to court I have very bad heath issue so dose husband we both need big surgy I called211 no help
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MissYahne   in reply to ladytech
I need this info please!!! and thank you
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TheAngel   in reply to Mommy of 3 in TN
Thanks! Will do!
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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to TheAngel
Your welcome. You may also want to look into applying for section 8 housing. Try your local DHS for the info on it.
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TheAngel   in reply to Mommy of 3 in TN
Thanks, I am already on that page now :)
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Mommy of 3 in TN   in reply to TheAngel
Hello If you will call 211 or go to there are list of places that may offer housing assistance. Hope this will help.
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TheAngel   in reply to ladytech
My daughter and I recently relocated to the Atlanta area. I am currently unemployed but I do receive unemployment benefits. Are there any extended stay motels or any other services that you know of that is willing to help my daughter and I with housing assistance?
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truefriend   in reply to g8tchick
Hi how did you get on? Did your girl get a new heart?
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Schmidty   in reply to sandra35
It hasn't been years, but it might seem like it at times. The last I new Starshine went to facebook and has been on there. Been real cold here. Lots of ice then in a couple of days it's in the 60's. crazy weather. I wish you a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy ith an abundance n the next year. Best of Wishes and God Bless
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sandra35   in reply to Schmidty
Hi Schmidty!! Long time, no talk!! This is Sandra, we talked all the time here. I haven't been on this site for a few years. Missed YOU!! I remember we use to converse back and forth about our Family and about ourselves in general. You would share with me about all the things you have done. You ALWAYS amazed me!! Also, you happen to be one of my favorites along with Starshine. I hadn't talked to her for a long time either. I hope LIFE has been treating YOU well. And hope you are doing good. I truly hope I hear back from you. Have a wonderful evening and week. By the way, "Merry Christmas" and hope this new year brings YOU happiness along with good health. Look for YOU here, Sandra35
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txmommi3   in reply to Inspiration
hey how are you its been awhile i jsut found my password to get back on. just wanted to let you know we moved
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Varengan   in reply to just4mykids
Thank you for your post, so sad to hear you and your kids had to go through the same thing knowing that it was a very hurtful time for me. I dragged my son into this and I take full responsibility for that. Still that doesn't mean that I approve of people hurting other people randomly simply because they can.

I reckon you already noticed the other posts and of course everyone is in title of their own opinion. If people choose not to understand and feel they have to stand up for the other person then so be it. I also understand that when you only read one side of the story some people might wonder why we 'let' things happen the way we did. I don't think it really matters anymore. It happened and unfortunately kids were involved.

I moved on and my son and I are okay now. I sincerely hope you and your kids are too. All will be better in the long run...x
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Joan .S   in reply to just4mykids
get over it . just accept that you where weak and stupid. dont blame your ex.
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just4mykids   in reply to Varengan
Hi there Varengan. You write beautifuly . First let me say that our lifes seems to have been carved by the same knife.

After 6 years of being mentaly abused by also a man who seemed to be infatuated by his ex . It took me a long time to get back on the track and get my life back to what it used to be. I felt like a used car for a while but i also realised that there was no place for me and my kids with this person.

Us women, stuck with the responsibility to love and care for our kids often get carried away on a fantasy and ofter we are let down in the end. Sure he had good thing's but it just kept dragging on and on. Eventually it was him who cracked when the pressure got too much. Believe it or not but he is back with his ex. They had contact and i even heard from a friend that they where spotted in a motel carpark during our relationship , funny you never hear these stories during the relationship but always after. He still drop's by at the store where i work and i try and laugh, crack a joke , but on the inside im still hurt.

How are you doing at the moment?

wish you and your son all the love in the world. x
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Trishia   in reply to Trishia
I have applied for help here, but the waiting list is so long. I will be fine and back on my feet once I am working.
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Trishia   in reply to Trishia
I m in south milwaukee wsconsin
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